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A suitable treatment for a restful sleep!

Patient treated with CPAP

Equipment CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)


Sleep apnea is effectively treated with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). Some patients with complex disorders are treated with BILEVEL ventilation devices with more sophisticated algorithms.

These two types of silent devices draw in ambient air, which passes through a tube connected to a mask. The CPAP is set to send the desired pressure to the mask. This process allows the patient to breathe normally and keeps the airways open when obstructive apnea occurs. We adapt the mask to the morphology of the patient. We offer our patients a wide choice of masks for optimal comfort.

Continuous positive pressure therapy has several advantages. It can be monitored without surgery or medication. Currently, it is the most effective treatment against sleep apnea.

Our patients can finally recover restful sleep! They avoid developing diseases indirectly related to sleep apnea. They no longer snore, so their partner may sleep more comfortably.

Modern equipment

Telemedicine, the future!

VitalAire is available from the most recognised manufacturers. Accordingly, our consultants have a wide choice of equipment. Our specialists benefit from continuous training to accurately control the settings of each device.

How can I optimise my treatment if I am on holiday abroad or if
I cannot consult quickly?

We offer our patients a telemedicine service that allows us to adapt the settings of your device remotely. We adjust the settings only with your consent and in consultation with your doctor. This innovative service does not replace annual check-ups, but it allows us to be extremely responsive. The recorded data is processed in a totally confidential manner.

A wide choice of masks
Silent devices

Refund of VitalAire services

Can I get a refund and by whom?

Our services are refunded by your insurance company according to the current rates. We save you all administrative red tape by sending your invoices directly to your insurer.

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