Orders & Forms

VitalAire Regulations*

Please send the regulations to the following address: info@vitalaire.ch

1) Aerosol apparatus & suction device
3) CPAP therapy
5) Non-invasive and invasive home ventilation
6) Care outpatient or at home
7) Highflow device, cough assist
7P) Pediatrics: Highflow device, cough assist
home ventilation CSS
home ventilation Helsana
home ventilation KPT
home ventilation Sanitas

Oxygen orders*

Please send oxygen orders to the following address: o2@vitalaire.ch

2) Continuous O2 long-term therapy
4) Short-term O2 therapy
4P) Pediatrics: Short-term O2 therapy

* Download PDF

For the PDF forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here for free.

VitalAire forms and prescriptions cannot be downloaded or edited by smartphones or tablets. If an error message (Adobe) prevents you from opening the order form, please do as follows: right-click on the document – save link as – save form under your documents.

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