Sleep & Health AG is now VitalAire Schweiz AG

On 1 July, Sleep & Health AG changed its name to VitalAire Schweiz AG. VitalAire is a byword for competence in the fields of sleep, respiration, oxygen and diabetes, and is committed to improving patients’ everyday lives. Besides changing its name, VitalAire has also moved to new premises in Liebefeld (Bern) so that its outstanding team of experts can work out of one location. This means that our expertise is now concentrated at one site in Switzerland, a site which is driven by diversity, a broad spectrum of knowledge and the passion of our staff.

By bringing our staff together at one location, we have created a work, consulting and service logistics environment in which our teams can exchange information directly, develop solutions that cater to our patients’ individual needs, and implement them faster and more efficiently. We attach particular importance to one-to-one care and direct personal dialogue with our patients. This creates confidence and trust, and binds us to our patients and their immediate social surroundings in the long term.

Our mission today and tomorrow: value-based healthcare

As part of the multinational concern «Air Liquide», VitalAire is a global partner that helps transform regional healthcare systems. VitalAire can draw on a wealth of experience in the field of value-based healthcare. We aim to utilise this knowledge in Switzerland and make a significant contribution to the ongoing professionalisation and personalisation of the treatment offered to patients, thus enhancing its quality. We work with our dense network of partners in Switzerland and cooperate with decision-makers in a spirit of trust to develop efficient treatment and refund systems. These have been proven to improve patient health while reducing overall costs to the healthcare system.

Four core areas for comprehensive patient care

Having carved out a successful niche for ourselves on the respiratory care market, we have been supplying our patients with innovative products and solutions in our three core business areas of sleep, respiration and oxygen for many years. Diabetes is a relative newcomer to our portfolio. Here too, we have already developed a number of innovative products, most recently an insulin pump that is revolutionising the market. The quality of our products and services is so high that we are sure of making a difference to the lives of patients and their relatives.